The Hiring process at System3 is a multi-stage process, where you will complete written assignments, online and offline tests, and multiple rounds of Interviews.

While having Skills is important at System3, it is also vital that you are an achiever and a professional. This document helps you understand the Process of Hiring at System3.

1. Application: The Application process requires you to submit your Resume in PDF Format and additional documents as per Human Resource Requirements.
2. Basic Conversation Skills Interview: This is your 1st Round of Interviews and will is done by one of our Team Members to assess your Language and Conversation skills and your attitude in an Interview. The first round is over a video call (Zoom), and you should have access to Zoom when appearing for this Interview. Please note, The Zoom Call will be Recorded
3. Job Knowledge Test: This is your 2nd Round of Interviews and may be done online or in the real world. In this Interview, you will answer questions related to the position you have applied for. You will appear for an online test.
4. Integrity Test: The 3rd Round is very vital. We will be reaching out to 2 of your Previous Employers / Contacts that you will be providing and asking you a few questions.
5. Cognitive ability Tests: This Test may happen online or in the real world. You will answer a few questions, and you will be required to do a task (that may not necessarily relate to the position you are interviewing for)
6. Personality Test: This is an online test, and you will have to take one online.
7. Emotional Intelligence Test: This is an online test, and you will have to take one online.
8. Skills Assessment Test: You will complete an assignment in this Test. The Skill test and assignment are related to the position applied for, and may require you to submit a presentation, document, or multiple combinations of assessments.
9. Physical Ability Test: Some specific positions require you to have physical strength. This Test will be in the real world.

  • Submit your Resume as a PDF and include a Cover Letter about why you are the right choice for the job you are applying to.
  • Submit all Necessary Documents at the time of Application
  • Be Available for Multiple Rounds of Interviews when asked to be Available.
  • Do your Homework about our Brands and us, before you appear for any interviews.
  • Be Polite in the Interview, Sometimes Interviews take time and the process is long.
  • Background Checks are an important part, and till these are not completed, your offer letter will not convert to Appointment Letter.
  • Do not negotiate Salary and or Work Responsibility. Each Job Opening is planned and explained, and brackets are as per companies norms. They do not change for candidates.

You will typically receive a job offer either by phone or email. If by phone, you can expect a follow-up email shortly after that call, which will review the details of the job offer. It will include the salary, the start date and information about the company’s benefits package. If you choose to accept or reject, you should communicate clearly. Failing communication shows up badly in future records.