Education / Ed-Tech

MakersBox is leading the change in STEM Education across the Globe. In 2015, MakersBox became a part of the System 3 Group via an Investment and then an Acquisition later in 2017.

At MakersBox, we believe Each Child can be an Inventor, and our work towards our Motto of "Inspiring the Next Generation to Innovate and Invent". The MakersBox team includes both a for-profit team that works with Private Schools and a Not for Profit that works with Governments and Other Stake Holders to bring STEM Education and 21st Century Skills to everyone.

A diverse team that includes Educators, Engineers, Philanthropists, and Innovators is what makes MakersBox unique.

Typical Roles at MakersBox Require People with the Following Skill Sets

  1. Content Creators to Create Content for STEM Education Curriculum
  2. Video and Social Media Content Creators to Create DIY Videos and Inspirational Messaging
  3. Educators to Deliver STEM Education Classes
  4. Volunteers for Community Outreach
  5. Fund Raising and Policy Partnership Team Members
  6. Management and Operational Leadership Team Members

Why work at System3 Group
System3 is an equal opportunity provider and provides opportunities without any difference between caste, background, faith or physical ability. We have both On-Desk positions and In-Field positions, and you join a family of diverse individuals, serial entrepreneurs, customer support ninja's, and customer projects, which are changing the world's landscape.

When you work at System3, you are a part of a family member, where you have fun together, celebrate together and get treated with respect.

With options of Annual Bonuses, Gratuity Pools, Paid Health Care and Provident Fund options, to Paid Annual Vacations, as well as a chance to travel across India and Abroad to our divisions and Branches.

If you feel that you would like to explore an opportunity beyond those listed here with the MakersBox team, reach out to us at someone will be in touch with you.